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For  getting more Floridians to sign up for C.C.W License. With your anti-2nd Amendment stance.

Maj. Norm Belson conducts a concealed weapon training class at Knight Shooting Sports, a shooting range in Clearwater. Students in his class mentioned “protection” when asked why they signed up.

There is some thing I found retarded:

“”You’re talking about people carrying loaded, hidden handguns,” said Brian Malte, director of state legislation for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, an advocacy group based in Washington, D.C. “Even more frightening is if a law enforcement officer is called to the scene, they have to make a split-second decision on who the perpetrator is. There’s no time to say, ‘Stop shooting,’ and check for permits.”

So now accourding to Brian Malte the Florida police department shoots first and ask questions later? Since when does any police department go in gun blazing?  Sorry I’m not buying that tripe. Our police are trained very well and the last thing thing they do is shoot first and ask questions afterwards. What planet does Brian Malte live on?


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