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The Most Important Election in a Generation – Isn’t for President

Written By Jeff Knox

It is absolutely imperative that GunVoters get busy and make electing a pro-gun congress our absolute top priority!

McCain and Obama are both nightmares without a strong, pro-rights congress to keep them in line.

Barack Obama scares the Hell out of me. He is a radical Socialist who has demonstrated a complete willingness to say or do anything, take any position, promise any reward, in order to get the votes he needs to win. He has a long and rather mysterious history of association with radical extremists – including Middle Eastern Muslim extremists.
Much of his life is shrouded in mystery and it is unclear exactly who paid for his college, who his mentors and sponsors have been, and how he made his millions.  There is even a question as to his eligibility to be resident. Not just internet, conspiracy theory questions either. A rominent Pennsylvania Democrat – a former Assistant States Attorney and  Clinton supporter – has filed a suit claiming that he has proof that
Obama was born in Africa and is not a natural-born citizen of the U.S. The judge is expected to issue a summary judgment any day on whether the ase can go forward. Rather than simply present proof that he is a U.S. itizen, Obama’s lawyers filed a motion for dismissal claiming that the uy suing doesn’t have standing. That seems a little strange to me, but his is an issue that needs to be completely resolved BEFORE this guy is elected.

On the other hand, McCain has proven that he doesn’t understand or respect the Constitution of the United States. From campaign finance reform to his gun show bill to his pledge to buy up all of the defaulting mortgages, he clearly sees no constraints on the powers of the President or Congress. His “more government” solutions in the debate tonight prove that he is either too philosophically challenged or just plain too stupid to be president. Were it not for Sarah Palin, I would not give John McCain a second thought. I am impressed with her and think that she brings a lot to the table. I don’t know if she would have enough influence over a President McCain to prevent the nominations of more judges and justices like Souter, Kennedy, and Stevens to the Supreme Court and the Federal benches, but she at least brings a glimmer of hope.

The only hope we have of protecting out rights – not just gun rights, ALL Rights – is to throw the anti-rights, government is the answer, give us all your money and we’ll see to it that it gets spent wisely, shut up and get back in line, privileged class politicians right out on their collective keisters and replace them with Constitutionally-minded, committed, pro-rights, citizen legislators.

The nation has been distracted by this circus of a presidential election and the Nimrods on Capitol Hill are getting a free pass. That must be stopped. When it comes to incumbent politicians, the Devil you know is worse than the Devil you don’t know. If you know the person you’ve got now is bad, throw them out – even if their opponent seems worse. At least the new guy will have to spend some time learning the ropes and you can replace them again in a couple of years. Occasionally the new guys realize who brought them to the dance and they will shift their position to try and keep your votes in the next election. The bottom line is that if the Representative you have now does not represent your values and beliefs – FIRE HIM!

Imagine Obama with an anti-rights, Democrat-controlled Congress…  Imagine McCain with an anti-rights, Democrat-controlled Congress…  Neither is a good scenario. Both of these guys have the potential to be a terribly destructive force in the White House. The only thing we can do to suppress that potential is to elect a strong, pro-rights, pro-Constitution majority to Congress. If we don’t, I’m afraid the downward spiral is going to continue – politically, economically, socially…

I am not one for doom and gloom. I am optimistic about our nation and what we are capable of, but America could be on the brink of some very bleak times and neither man at the top of the ticket is up to the coming challenges. We must bring reinforcements to Congress and begin the long arduous process of rebuilding our economy and restoring the Republic.

That process begins with you taking action. Do you know who is going to be on your ballot? Do you know where every one of those candidates stands on individual rights, the Constitution, and limited government?  Does everyone you know – everyone at church, everyone at work, everyone at the VFW post, all of your neighbors, and everyone who reads the letters to the editor know who you’re supporting and why?

I can’t answer “Yes” to those questions and you probably can’t either, but that MUST change. We must educate ourselves and each other. That’s what we created for, to share information and get informed. If you can’t find the information you need on, find it somewhere else and then post it on to help the next guy. Once we have the information we need, we must get involved; making phone calls, sending e-mails, writing letters to the editor, volunteering for campaigns, calling talk shows, talking to neighbors, friends, and colleagues. This absolutely could be the most important election in our lifetimes – and the Presidential Election isn’t the one that matters most; it’s Congress, Congress, CONGRESS!!!

If you haven’t yet registered at, please do it now. Go to the area of the web site designated for your state (or any state you know something about) and see what information is available and whether you can add to it. If there isn’t much info there, go find some to post so the next person from that state will have an easier time getting educated. Don’t wait for someone else to do it, roll up your sleeves and, “Get ‘er done!” Don’t wait to see if the ship is really sinking before you start bailing. Get busy now. The first thing you can do to help is forward or post this message so others will see it too.

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Yours for the Second Amendment,

Jeff Knox
The Firearms Coalition


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