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Written by Jeff Knox

It is absolutely outrageous that the media is giving any credence at all to the Democrat/Brady shill group American Hunters and Shooters Association.  The Brady’s and the media were “shocked, shocked I say” when they discovered that one of their volunteers was apparently working for pro-gun interests – even though all of the reports indicate that the woman was an active and effective worker who was very successful in her anti-gun activities.  Contrast that to the media fawning over AHSA and treating them as a bona fide gun rights organization even though the founders and leaders of the group have long records of support for gun control groups and are closely linked to anti-gun Democrat politicians.  Reading AHSA president Ray Schoenke’s blog is like reading Brady Campaign director Paul Helmke’s; they use the same talking points and phraseology and could easily be interchanged.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they were both written by the same Brady staffers.

Even so, the media insists on treating this bogus organization – which has virtually no members – as a credible voice for gunowners and “a competing gun rights organization” to NRA (Glen Johnson – AP).

This is not a case of the media being bamboozled by slick political operators.  This is collusion in the worst degree.  Any “journalist” that treats AHSA with any credibility at all is doing so because that “journalist” personally supports the views expressed by AHSA – especially as they oppose the NRA.

Such yellow journalism is outrageous and inexcusable.  Media watchdog organizations and journalism societies should be calling foul and the “journalists” participating in and perpetuating this charade should face disciplinary action.


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