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The same Philadelphia City Council members who have challenged the state’s supremacy on gun laws introduced two new gun-control bills yesterday, one aimed at closing what critics say is a big loophole in the secondhand gun market.

Under legislation proposed by Council members Donna Reed Miller and Darrell L. Clarke, anyone reselling a gun would have have to run the sale through a licensed dealer, who would run a background check on the buyer.

A similar state law already exists, but critics say it is too narrow and has no effect on individuals selling guns to other individuals.

“We’re looking at all the avenues and cracks in the system,” Miller said.

The other bill introduced yesterday would raise the city penalty for carrying a gun illegally from $300 to $1,900 and would allow police to confiscate a car driven by someone illegally carrying a gun – regardless of ownership of the car.

Clarke and Miller introduced five measures this spring that have been challenged by the National Rifle Association and others. Three laws that were upheld by Common Pleas Court were the subject of a hearing yesterday in which the NRA is seeking an injunction on their enforcement. The laws would require gun owners to report their lost or stolen weapons to police and would bar gun ownership by people who are the subject of a protection-from-abuse order or are deemed a danger to themselves or others.

The two Council members also have sued the state Assembly in a separate action, seeking authority to enforce seven 2007 gun laws without state approval. Clarke and Miller lost the first round in Commonwealth Court last month and vowed to appeal to the Supreme Court.

C. Scott Shields, the attorney representing the NRA in those cases, predicted the new bills, if they became law, would be challenged and fail because the state was the only entity authorized to regulate firearms.

“They already have the tools to enforce this stuff. They just choose not to use them,” Shields said. “I’m just confounded that these people are pressing ahead.”

More dip-shit laws!

First and foremost, who in the hell is going to go to a dealer to sell a gun to another person? How can that be enforced and how will the law make sure everyone is doing it ?  Illegal search and seizure?

That’s a violation of our rights. And what else? write up search warrants on every gun owner for the police to come in and see if joe blow has one less gun than he had last month? And if so , what he do with it? did he sell it etc. ? That is harrasing and that is invasion of privacy! Another right we have .. right to privacy.

Fine people up to $1,900 for carrying a gun illegally , may seem like a good idea but really it’s another dumb idea. Drug dealers get caught with carrying a firearm illegally , pay the fine , then sent back on the streets buy another black market gun and out back on the street. Why ? cause they can afford it! dealing drugs is very lucrative.

Confiscating a car being driven by someone carrying a gun..Ok maybe in the legal parameters the police can search and impound the car. Confiscating a car that belongs to someone else who had got caught carrying a gun illegally shows these folks ain’t thinking this stuff out all the way.  The illegal gun carrying man or woman, may have stolen that car. And now that person who had their car stolen comes to find out they won’t get their car back cause the law confiscated it? Another point in case is transporting a newly bought weapon from the dealer to the buyers home, and to the range from the buyers home. So that means if you get pulled over while on your way to the range or on your way home from buying a gun , you loose your gun , pay $1,900 and have you car or truck confiscated.

Another wasteful part to this bill , require gun owners to report a stolen gun to the police? People do that already ,what planet do these law makers live on or believe they live in ? It is irrational and not needed  to propose a law to make people do what their doing already and have done for years.

Do these lawmakers want to pass a bill requiring people to wipe after they do the #2 in their bathroom visit?


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